BULLEIT Bourbon Whiskey Blenders' Select

Rooted in tradition but leaving its own legacy, Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey Blenders' Select offers a unique experience that's distinctly Bulleit in character. This limited, small batch bottling was painstakingly crafted by Bulleit blender Eboni Major. With access to more than 100 distinct liquids, she hand-selected and mingled three of our ten flagship distillates, each aged between six and eight years, to showcase the best of Bulleit. Notes of vanilla bean, honey, dried fruit and toasted oak lead to a smooth, balanced finish with a lingering of sweet cream and fruit wine decadence. Perfect on its own, Blenders' Select is best served neat or on the rocks. Includes one 100 proof 750 mL bottle of Bourbon Whiskey Blenders' Select. Bulleit Bourbon is still distilled and aged in the Bulleit family tradition. Blenders' Select was born from Eboni Major's idea that a selection of distillates used in Bulleit could successfully provide the pillar and focal point of their own blend. This Women's History Month, we're raising a glass to Eboni and craftswomen everywhere in celebration of their innovation and dedication to quality. Please drink responsibly.