Buffalo Nickel Wingers Potato Wing Snack, The Original, Nacho Chilichanga

All-natural. Low fat. No trans fats. Heat Index: 3. Enough to know. Thanks for checking out The Original Potato Wing Snack! These delicious Buffalo Nickel Wingers trample the myth that natural snacks can't have unreal flavor - and they do it in style. They've got 60% less fat than potato chips, with no artificial ingredients, trans fats or GMOs. We invented this all-natural, chicken-leg-shaped wonder food for all the wing-loving snack fiends out there. You know who you are. Enjoy! A touch of tingle and a burst of south-of-the-border flavor. Nacho Chilichanga means chili-pepper chicken meets potato crunch meets your taste buds - and the party is on. At 3 on the heat index, they'll delight you with tangy, all-natural, all-nacho cheesy goodness. 60% less fat than potato chips (Buffalo Nickel Wingers contain 4 grams of fat per ounce, compared to 10 per ounce of typical potato chips). Buffalo Nickel Wingers contain no meat, trans fats, GMOs or artificial ingredients.