Brightz TossBrightz LED Light, White

Model A5458. LED lighting kit for bean bag game boards. Light it up! The game keeps going when the sun goes down! Available in 6 colors! Everything needed to light your game boards! Each package includes: 2 - 12 food LED light strings (one to light each board); 2 - 1 food LED light strings (one to light each hole); fasteners; requires 6 AA batteries (not included); 24 + hours of glow; 26 feet of lights - plenty to fit all regulation or smaller size boards; battery pack + on/off switch attach underneath the board, and lights are edge-mounted, so game board function stays unobstructed. Easy to install with hammer & Philips screwdriver. Bags! Cornhole! Whatever the name - its better at night! Please recycle. RoHS Compliant. Made in China.