BOOST KID ESSENTIALS Vanilla Vortex 8 fl. oz. Aseptic Pack

1.0 cal. Lactose free (not for patients with galactosemia). Complete nutrition for children ages 1-13. 237 calories. Natural and artificial flavor. Complete balanced nutritional formula. Boost Kid Essentials is a complete nutritional formula providing balanced nutrition for children. Boost Kid Essentials provides 100% or more of the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for protein and 25 essential vitamins and minerals: in 1000 ml (4.2 briks) for children 1 to 8 years of age (100% of the DRI for children 4-8 years of age for vitamin K is provided in 1500 ml); in 1500 ml (6.3 briks) for 9 to 13 years of age. Caloric Distribution: protein, 12%; fat, 34%; carbohydrate, 54%. Water Content: 200 ml/237 ml. Osmolality: 550 m0sm/kg water. Use under medical supervision. A medical food for children 1 to 13 years of age, specifically formulated for use with malnutrition and other medical conditions with increased nutritional needs that cannot be met through diet modification alone. Not intended for children under 1 year of age unless specified by a physician. This product was manufactured under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.