Boomerangs Pie, Plant-Based Protein, Beefy Potato

Plant-based Beyond Beef Crumbles and potatoes mixed with a gravy in a puff pastry. 13 g protein. 420 calories. Dairy free. Made with beyond meat. Microwavable. 100% plant-based. Plant-based, mate! The Boomerang's vision was born when Jack tasted his first savory, handheld pie while living in Sydney. Upon his return to the States, he launched Boomerang's in Austin, Texas. Lance discovered the Aussie pie while visiting family in Australia and later partnered with Jack. Jack and Lance are thrilled to bring you the newest addition to our family - a plant-based protein line of products. These pies are a great solution when you are looking for a meat alternative, but don't want to sacrifice convenience or taste. Of course, we still serve them up with a unique, Aussie twist. Grab a Boomerang and turn mealtime upside down under! - Jack & Lance, The Pie Guys. Facebook. Instagram. Give us feedback and you could win free Boomerang's for a year Visit our website to find out more about our new plant-based products Visit our website for more tips to eat like an Aussie.