Black Powder Coffee Coffee, Dark, One-Eyed Jack Blend,

Bold-chocolate-tangy. Dynamite single serve cups. 100% naturally grown. Responsibly harvested. Craft roasted. For use in K-Cup brewer including Keurig 2.0. 38% more coffee per cup of local roasted coffee. Mining a Richer Cup of Coffee: For years, we traveled the globe and discovered remarkable coffee, bursting with flavor. But we could never match that rich taste locally. Our search sparked an idea. If we could gather the highest quality beans in an eco-friendly manner and perfect the- smal-batch roasting process, we could enjoy world-class gourmet coffee without ever leaving home (and so could you). Welcome to Black Powder Roasting Company and a dynamite cup of coffee. One-Eyed Jack Blend is a combination of organic Indonesia and African prime coffee beans. By balancing the roast profile of each bean prior to blended, the cup is balanced with an initial brightness and sweetness before being over taken by dark chocolate flavor notes through the middle and end of the sip. The finish is a creamy smooth finish that lingers for 10 seconds then dissipates on the palette leaving you wanting another wild card. App Store. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. 704-614-0824 BPA free. 100% recyclable. Locally roasted in NC.