Better Oats Oats, Thick Cut, Instant, with Flax, Blueberry Muffin

10 measuring cup pouches. Naturally & artificially flavored. Thick & hearty. Made with real blueberries. mmm - muffins. Per Pouch: 160 calories; 0 g sat fat (0% DV); 220 mg sodium (9% DV); 12 g sugars. Good source of ALA omega-3 (Each packet delivers 220 mg of ALA omega-3 per serving, which is 13% of the 1.6 g daily value for ALA). 100% Whole Grain: 28 grams per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. Discover What Makes Better Oats Better: What happens when you taste like a muffin but you're made of all the wholesome goodness of whole grain oats? You make health conscious people really happy. Pop this hearty, thick cut oatmeal in the microwave and enjoy the fresh-from-the-oven taste of mom's home-made blueberry muffins in just 2 minutes. 100% Whole Grain: More than half of your recommended daily serving. Made with real blueberries. Flax: Flaxseed is a rich source of the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic (ALA). Thick Cut: If you like a little more texture, you'll love our thick cut oats. Ready in just 2 minutes. At home. At work. Or on-the-go goodness. Quality Guarantee: We are committed to quality. Your purchase refunded if you are not satisfied. Best if used by date and proof of purchase will be required. 1-866-888-8757; Better Oats: Choice of a new generation: Find out more at Find us on Facebook: Made in USA.