Best Of Belgium Beer Variety - 12 CT

Best of Belgium. A celebration of Belgian beer. 12 bottles: 6 Stella Artois, 3 Hoegaarden, 3 Leffe. Leffe blonde was first brewed in 1240 by the monks of Abbaye de Notre Dame de Leffe, in the Belgian province of Namur. Only the finest ingredients are chosen to create this full-flavored, bright, golden ale. A spicy, faintly clove-like aroma draws you in to reveal Leffe's creamy body and restrained dry finish. Stella Artois has a rich brewing heritage that dates back to 1366 in Leuven, Belgium, where it was first brewed to celebrate the holiday season. Named "Stella" (Latin for the word "star") because of its exceptional clarity, demand for this special lager soon led to it being brewed year-round. Traditional malted barley and the best European hops give Stella Artois its superior quality and full flavor. Naturally cloudy, Hoegaarden is the Original Belgian Wheat Beer whose heritage dates back to the 15th Century in the small Belgian villa that bears its name. The secret to Hoegaarden's refreshing flavor and spicy nose is real Curacao orange peel and a dash of coriander. Always enjoy responsibly. ©2012 Import Brands Alliance, importers of Stella Artois® beer (malt liquor in TX), Hoegaarden® beer and Leffe® Blonde Ale, St. Louis, MO.