Bertolli® Olive Oil Extra Light Taste Spray 4.9 fl. oz. Bottle

Bertolli® 100 Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil Spray Delicate Taste. Since 1865. World's No. 1 olive oil brand. Best for sauteing, frying, baking. No additives. Natural ingredients. Propellant-free oil. Safe for non-stick cookware. 5 fl oz (145 ml). Safely spray pans and baking dishes. Spray a little or spray a lot, you choose just the right amount. Safe for non-stick cookware. Product contains select high quality of olive oils from the following countries: Country of origin: IT=Italy, GR=Greece, ES=Spain, TN=Tunisia, MA=Morocco, CL=Chile, AG=Argentina, AU=Australia, PT=Portugal. 100% Recyclable. Questions Comments Call: 1-800-908-9789 or Visit: