Bell & Evans Chicken Breast Tenders, Breaded

Uncooked. The excellent chicken. Air chilled. Chicken raised without antibiotics. Whole breast meat tenders! Flavor and moisture assured with up to 6% marinade. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Join the Bell & Evans chicken revolution! At Bell & Evans, we raise our - chickens without antibiotics, on a strict vegetarian diet of grains, vitamins and minerals- no animal by-products. At our revolutionary processing facility, our chickens are individually air chilled so the natural flavor and juices are not diluted, giving you a better tasting bird. You enjoy our premium frozen convenience food, but - How can you be sure the freshly prepared chicken you're buying from your grocer really is Bell & Evans? Look for our wing tag or our fresh chicken, rotisserie or made with Bell & Evans labels on all fresh chicken you buy. If you don't see it - ask for it by name! In the meat department - at the deli counter - on the rotisserie. The chickens are coming! No antibiotics to raise our chickens. No animal by-products to feed our chickens. No preservatives. No artificial flavorings. No fillers or extenders. No kidding! Your family will enjoy these healthful breaded chicken breast tenders, made with Bell & Evans chicken. Great as an entree or a sandwich! Ready to cook.