Beers of Mexico !Fiesta Pack! 24-12 fl. oz. Bottles

Contains 6 bottles of each: Dos Equis® Roja, Dos Equis® Lager, Sol®, and Tecate®. Dos Equis® Roja Limited Edition 4.5% ABV: A distinctive red lager crafted with Mexican malted barley and hops to create a well-balanced taste with unique character. Dos Equis® Lager 4.2% ABV: A Pilsner style lager with a fresh aroma and full bodied taste. This beer has just the right balance of flavor refreshment. Sol® 4.2% ABV: A traditional Mexican beer, Sol has captured fans with its light flavor, exciting aroma, and malty sweetness. Tecate® 4.5% ABV: A bold blend of herbal flavors and nutty maltiness. The citrusy hops give Tecate and aromatic "lift" of flavor. Limited Edition Dos Equis® Roja Fiesta Responsibly 2 x 12 Pack