Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley/Suisun Valley 750 ml

The Emmolo style is crisp, fresh and dry, created from grapes grown in Napa and Solano countries. These two regions lie next to each other, sharing a maritime climate and exceptional soils. Less well-known than its famous neighbor, Solano is home to a small, secluded area of land that is also idyllic, with heat buffered by a cool sea breeze. Our name: The Emmolos (EM-oh-lo) immigrated from Italy to Napa in 1923 and have continued to farm as a livelihood ever since. Today, I oversee my grandparents' vineyards and many of the grapes in this wine are grown on their property. We often enjoy lunches together with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I feel fortunate for our long history in Napa - and the chance to explore new territory in Suisun - Jenny Wagner.