Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Blancs Sparkling White Wine 750 ml Bottle

The crisp freshness, beautiful acidity, and linear focus of the wine, pair well with dishes that have rich and unctuous textures, but delicate flavors. The acidity in the wine will cut through richness, but the subtle flavors of the wine will be overpowered by food matches that are bold -- to create balance, opt for subtle and nuanced flavor profiles in your dish. Think avocado, smoked salmon, lobster and crab, East Coast oysters, caviar, and soft cheeses. Accent with fresh herbs or fruit garnishes to bring the California spirit to your plate! This sparkling wine pairs well with seared scallops, baked halibut, and fresh oysters. For cheese, pair alongside a rich Brie or soft goat cheese. Made exclusively from hand-harvested chardonnay, this wine is the superb result of meticulous grape growing, artisanal cellar practices, and our winemaker’s considerable blending skills. Blanc de Blancs is prized among sparkling wine connoisseurs for the rich textural qualities, complex aromas and flavors, elegance, and solid aging potential.