Samuel Adams Beer, Downtime Pilsner

Crispy & lightly hopped. A laidback lager that combines floral & spicy Bavarian noble hops from the world's, oldest growing regions with the fruity & citrusy character of the new Mandarina hop. Proudly brewed & bottled by The Boston Beer Company. Crisp and golden with subtle notes of orange, tangerine & spice from Bavarian hops. Style: German Pilsner. Color: Golden. IBUs: 30. ABV: 5.0%. Samuel Adams: Brewing the American dream. Our mission is simple: Many people are working hard to grow their small business in food, beverage, and craft beer, but can't find the funding or advice they need to succeed. Our founder, Jim Koch, faced the same challenges when he started brewing Samuel Adams Boston Lager in 1984. With our nonprofit partner Accion, we offer micro-loans and real world business advice to help these small business owners realized their dreams. As loans are repaid, they're recycled to fund even more loans. Through our Brewing the American Dream program, Jim and the Samuel Adams team are helping talented, passionate people liver their American dream: from Catherine Oddenino and Ruthie Vishlitzsky of Luca and Bosco in New York, NY to Cruz Caudillo of Praline Patisserie in San Diego, CA. To learn more visit For information about this special beer write: The Boston Beer Company, The Brewery, 30 Germania street, Boston, MA 02130. 888-661-2337 or visit our website at Visit the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery. For tour times & information call 888-661-2337.