Middle Sister Malbec, Wild One

After waking up at stupid o'clock this morning, I'm looking forward to wine o'clock tonight. Mendoza, Argentina. Cheers! Every family has one. The wild one. The girl who zigs when everybody else zags - who likes skydiving better than square dancing - who has horse-trekked across Mongolia and played polo with the Prince - the sister who posts photos of herself on the yacht - the crazy, beautiful one who always keeps you on your toes. For those of you who know and love a wild one. this spicy and delicious red wine may just inspire you to break some rules. Maybe even pair red wine with fish! middlesisterwines.com. We give back to causes women care about. Alc. 13.5% by vol. Imported by Vintage Wine Estates, Santa Rosa, California. Bottled by Middle Sister, Hopland, California. Product of Argentina.