Goose Island Beer Company So-Lo India Pale Ale Craft Beer, 6 Pack Beer, 12 FL OZ Cans, 3% ABV

Goose Island So-Lo is a full bodied India Pale Ale that is low on calories. Big on hops and beautifully balanced, this craft beer has big aroma, citrus and herbal aroma notes and a nice balanced bitterness. You'd never think that this IPA is a low calorie beer. Goose Island So-Lo is a light gold color and brewed with three different types of hops and four different types of malts. This low cal India Pale Ale beer has 98 calories and a 3% ABV per serving, and a 23 IBU rating. This six pack of beer cans is easy to bring along to hangouts with friends and is perfect for those who love IPA beer. Goose Island Beer Company is guided by their respect for the history and culture of beer as well as their passion for, and innovation in, brewing.