Devils Backbone Brewing Company Vienna Lager Craft Beer, 15 Pack Beer, 12 FL OZ Cans

Mild, toasted & caramel notes. The whole becoming a brewhouse famous for making topnotch lagers wasn't really our plan when we started out. Of course we're happy it turned out that way, but back then we were just lookin to make a great beer, so that's what we did. Easy to drink. Goes great with just about anything. And it's won a few awards, which isn't that important but it's still kinda nice to know that important beer people think you're doing something right. We've made a whole lotta beers since then, but if you wanna taste the one thing we're best at, you've got it right here. Field Notes: Vienna lager. Campfire Building 101: Build your fire right and you can enjoy it all night but build it wrong and not even your acoustic guitar talents can save you. Start with plenty of dry kindling and tinder. Then build it slowly. Real slowly. Always keep plenty of drywood on hand or that guitar may be going on sooner rather than later. That's S'more like it. A S'more you can be proud of. Yeah, you can do s'mores, but are you an expert or are you that person flailing a flaming marshmallow around trying desperately to put it out? Be careful: using a metal rod or coat hanger cooks your marshmallow quicker. And true connoiseurs only cook on the coals. Visit us when you're in Virginia! Brewed in the VA heartland. Since 2008. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. 4 Great American Beer Festival medals. 2 World Beer Cup awards. 18 5.2% alc/vol. Product of the USA.