Devils Backbone Brewing Company München on Hops Beer, 12 Pack 12 fl. oz. Bottles

We’ve been brewing world class beers inspired by German traditions for over a decade, so when Spaten, the granddaddy of all Oktoberfest breweries, called on us to collaborate we thought, “Let’s brew the hoppiest new-school German party beer this side of München” (a.k.a. Munich, for our stateside friends). So that’s what we did. München On Hops abides by the Bavarian purity law requiring all-German ingredients, but we gave it some American flair with extra hops straight from the source. Grab a handful of steins and celebrate this Oktoberfest by dancing on benches with your hop-loving frueden. Bavarian IPA. International Brewery Collaboration! Tasting Notes: Hoppy, Bready, Fruity. Slow By Nature.