Best of Belgium Variety Pack Beer, 24 Pack 11.2 fl. oz. Bottles

Leffe Blonde was first brewed in 1240 by the monks of Abbaye de Notre Dame de Leffe, in the Belgian province of Namur. Only the finest ingredients are chose to create this full-flavored, bright, golden ale. The roots of our rich brewing heritage can be traced back as early as 1366, to the town of Leuven, Belgium. Over 600 years later, we remain dedicated to crafting beers of distinction; using the very same passion, skill and devotion as the master brewers before us. Hoegaarden is the Original Belgian white Beer whose heritage dates back to the 15th Century. The secret to Hoegaarden's refreshing flavor and spicy nose is real Curacao orange peel and a dash of coriander.