Allagash GrandyOats Beer, Organic, Golden Ale, Cross Path

Ale brewed with buckwheat and granola. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by MOFGA Certification Services, LLC. Real granolas. We teamed up with GrandyOats to create this Belgian0style certified organic golden ale brewed with buckwheat and granola. From Maine, we sourced organic oats, buckwheat, and barley. GrandyOats granola added a finishing touch. Well-rounded. Refreshing. Organic. 100% Maine grown. Buckwheat, and barley brewed with organics. Independent craft. Brewers Association Certified. A portion of this can's proceeds goes to MOFGA, a nonprofit organization that helps farmers transition to organic crops. Please recycle. 100% rHDPE recycled & recyclable. 5.5% alc by vol.