Outer Aisle PlantPower Sandwich Thins, Original

1 g net carbs whole piece. Per Serving: 50 calories; 4 g protein; 2 g carbs. Certified gluten-free. 1 glycemic load. Non GMO Project verified. Made with real cauliflower. 1 serving of vegetables. Carbs are toast. Fresh & simple ingredients: Fresh cauliflower; whole cage-free eggs; fresh parmesan cheese; zero guilt. Love and kindness added. At Outer Aisle, we've gone grain and gluten-free but we're not giving up on pizza, tacos or sandwiches. We've rolled up our sleeves, chopped up a bunch of veggies, cracked a few eggs and baked up a revolutionary bread-like alternative that nourishes your body and satisfies your biggest cravings. It's the biggest not-bread breakthrough since sliced vegetables. Our Story: Outer Aisle was born out of my family's personal journey to remove sugar and processed carbs from our diet and eat more vegetables. We're on a mission to make products that are nutritionally dense and delicious and harness the power of plants to feed the world. Thanks for going against the grain with us. In Good Health, - Jeanne. From our family to you. outeraislegourmet.com. Facebook. Instagram. (at)outeraislegourmet. For recipe visit us at outeraislegourmet.com. Made in Santa Barbara CA.