Aunt Hattie's® Big Potato Buns 6 ct Bag

Taste the difference. Aunt Hattie's potato buns are carefully blended with Great Plains wheat flour, fresh baker's yeast, tangy onion and a touch of sweet corn syrup. Then they are delicately baked to a warm golden color, carefully wrapped for freshness and promptly sent from our bakery to your favorite store. Enjoy these delicious buns with your family today. Aunt Hattie. This symbol represents my personal guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with this product. If you are dissatisfied, for any reason, please return the universal bar code for a full refund to Holsum Bakery, Inc., PO Box 6690, Phoenix, Arizona 85005. Any comments regarding this product please feel free to call us at: 1-888-246-5786.