Arnold Bread, Natural 100% Whole Wheat

Our natural 100% Whole Wheat bread is made with a blend of stoneground and steel cut wheat and a touch of molasses giving it rich taste and texture. Arnold Naturals are made like homemade Bread - one batch at a time - from the highest quality natural ingredients. We hope you enjoy this special loaf of bread! 15 g Of whole grains and 3 g of fiber pre slice. 100% All natural. A natural heritage: In 1940, Dean and Betty Arnold started a bakery in Connecticut and a labor of love began. Their mission was to create premium breads for bread lovers. They wanted their breads to be all natural and as close to homemade quality as possible. Committed to using the freshest ingredients with no artificial preservatives, Dean and Betty pioneered unique varieties with superior taste, texture and nutrition. In this spirit we bring you this line of delicious Natural Breads based upon the Arnold's classic recipes and baked according to their highest standards. All Natural: No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives; no high fructose corn syrup; no trans fats. For a healthy lifestyle: 90 Calories per slice; low fat & cholesterol-free food; 15 g of Whole grains per slice; 3 g of Fiber per slice.