ARGINAID EXTRA Orange Burst 8 fl. oz. Aseptic Pack

Refreshing flavor! Arginine-Intensive Drink with specialized nutrients to provide support during wound healing. Calories; vitamin C; protein; zinc; arginine; vitamin E. Artificial flavor. Medical food. Arginaid Extra is an arginine-intensive oral supplement that provides nutritional support during wound healing. Arginine Extra supplement provides ultimate in a ready-to-serve brik pak and the highest level of nutrition support to promote wound healing. Arginaid Extra supplement provides calories and protein, essential nutrients required to protect, maintain and build lean muscle mass; L-arginine, an amino acid proven to be an essential substrate for mechanisms that promote wound healing; vitamins C and E, antioxidants that help reduce cellular damage; and Zinc, a mineral required for enzymes involved in wound repair. Medical Food Formulated for Conditions such as: Pressure ulcer; venous stasis ulcers; skin breakdown. This product was manufactured under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.