Annie's® Organic Cheddar Classic Baked Crackers 6.5 oz

Annie's® Homegrown Organic Cheddar Classics Baked Organic Crackers. Certified USDA Organic. Rabbit of approval. With 6g whole grains per serving. Hex-ceptional! Baked with real cheese. Made with goodness! No artificial flavors, synthetic colors or synthetic preservatives. Produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or persistent pesticides. Net Wt 6.5 oz (184 g). We partner with people & places we trust. To grow the organic wheat. To make flour for our Organic Classic Crackers and to raise the cows. To produce the organic milk for our cheese. To make our Classics delicious plain or with a topping! To learn about our products, Visit Annie's website. Meet Bernie! Bernie was Annie's pet Dutch rabbit. When she started the company, Annie chose him to be our official "rabbit of approval" representing the simplicity, care, and goodness in all of our products. Dear friend, Like farmers everywhere, we are weather watchers. In New England, we expect humidity and thunder-storms during the summer - good for vegetables but not for mowing hay. For that, we need three consecutive dry, sunny days. First we mow. Second, with our tedder we spread the hay for drying. On day three we often ted again, rake into rows, and bale the hay for the barn. Although tiring, haying is fun with the help from family, neighbors, and friends. Hex-Press Yourself: Some say it's hip to be square. But we say being different is hex-traordinary! And these delicious crackers prove it. Nibble straight out of the box. Perk up a lunch. Make a party platter sing. It's all good! It's crunch time! Grab whatever you've got in the fridge or pantry and make your own masterpiece! PB&J. Cream Cheese. Fruit. Salsa. Hummus. Cheddar Cheese. Anything goes! As you hop around your local store, look for Annie's Entrees: Annie's® Homegrown Organic Chocolate Chip. Annie's® Homegrown Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks. Annie's® Homegrown Organic Balsamic. Snacks and dressings! We work with trusted suppliers to source only non-GMO ingredients. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. This box is made with 100% recycled paperboard®. Minimum 35% post-consumer content. Recycle / Reuse this box. We love to hear your feedback! Contact us at: 1-800-288-1089 or and reference the "best flavor by" date on the box top. ©2015 Annie's, Inc.