Ancient Nutrition Calcium, Ancient Nutrients, Capsules

Whole Food Dietary Supplement. Vitamins D and K2 (MK-7). Food form calcium. Ancient superfoods. Adaptogenic herbs. Nettle extract. Inspired TCM. Chicken and Beef Bone Broth: Ancient superfood secret. Ginseng Extract: Celebrated high performance herb. Fo-Ti Extract: Premier herb for healthy living. Enzyme activated. Fermented herbs. Ancient nutrition for the modern world. Formulated using the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) of Super Nutrition, Ancient Nutrition Calcium formula combines: the highest-quality, potent and effective calcium; probiotic-fermented vitamin D3; soy-free vitamin k2 (MK-7); ancient superfoods including herbal extracts, tonic mushrooms, bone broth, liver from New Zealand cattle, wild fish roe and more - for a breakthrough in calcium supplementation. Dr. Axe formula.