Alocane Emergency Burn Gel, Maximum Strength

4% lidocaine. Used in hospitals burn centers. Fast pain and itch relief. Assists the healing process. Soothing aloe gel & vitamins. Use on sunburns & first degree burns. Now with vitamin E. Recommended by physicians and pharmacists. Aloe Brazilian. Alocane emergency burn gel is a water-based formula with an efficient, proprietary transfer vehicle that quickly absorbs deep into the layers of skin. Alocane relieves pain by the use of 4% lidocaine hydrochloride. Four percent is the maximum percentage of lidocaine hydrochloride topical anesthetic allowed by the US FDA (United States Food & Drug Administration) for use in OTC (Over-the-counter) products. Alocane is recommended for first degree burns including: flame, sun, electricity, heat, light, frictions. Alocane also works great for: shingles, itches, rashes, bug bites and much more. Phone: 800.650.0113. Made in the USA. Other information: Store in a cool, dry area.