Alo Crisp Aloe Vera Juice Drink Fuji Apple + Pear

Alo® Crisp™ Aloe Vera Juice Drink Fuji Apple + Pear. Real aloe vera straight from the leaf. 70 Calories per 8 oz. 16.9 fl oz (500 ml). Goodness from inside out™. Remind yourself of the carefree days of climbing trees and plucking fresh fruit off the branch. With our real aloe vera juice and pulp, crisp apple, juicy pear and ALOtones®, your inner child will be set free once again. Be open to the pure positivity of a youthful spirit and reunite with your past self. Here's even more goodness: Gluten free. Non GMO Project Verified. Aloin free. Fat free. No artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. Aloe vera straight from the leaf, never from powder. 30% Juice. BPA free. Please recycle. ©2016 SPI West Port, Inc. USA.