Alexia Artisan Breads Focaccia, Three Cheese

Focaccia with Asiago, Parmesan and Romano. All natural. Fresh baked Artisan Bread in 8 minutes! Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. No Trans fat. Bread baking is an ancient craft that has become an important part of lives and culture throughout the entire world. The variety is tastes and textures of breads are endless, with each country contributing their traditional favorites. The French Baguette or the Italian Ciabatta are as commonplace is the United States as they are in Paris or Rome. Alexia Foods is pleased to bring you delicious all-natural Artisan Breads that truly maintain the age-old traditions of integrity and quality. Asiago, Parmesan, and Romano cheese combine beautifully along with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Basil to bring you delicious and savory Alexia Three Cheese Focaccia Rolls. Why should you try Alexia Artisan Breads? Convenient and versatile, Alexia Artisan Breads bake up in minutes and perfectly complement a savory soup or a tasty salad. Try them as a sandwich with your favorite cheese, or thinly sliced as hors d' oeuvres with an interesting garnish. Bruschetta and Pizza bake up quickly using Alexia Breads. We invite you to sample these international favorites in your kitchen. Alexia Artisan Breads - a delicious accompaniment to any meal occasion. Low Fat. 0 Grams Trans fat. No cholesterol. Made in U.S.A.