Alessi Risotto, Milanese Style, With Saffron, Premium

Milanese style with saffron and Italian arborio rice. Italy is Europe's largest producer of rice. The wetlands and cool temperatures of the Lombardi region harbor the ideal conditions for lush rice fields. Resourceful Italians combined rice with many other items common a dish they lay claim to. It is to their area and developed known as risotto. Rich, creamy risotto is one of Northern Italy's gastronomic delights. The key ingredient in authentic risotto is the shore thick grained rice known as Arborio. This rice is the perfect grain risotto because its texture and cooking properties allow it to retain firmness throughout preparation. Risotto should always be prepared al dente which means tender yet firm lone bite. Alessi Risotto ago Milanese is the classic risotto dish of Arborio rice is coupled with saffron, the world's not expensive spice. This robust, intensely flavored dish is the most highly regarded of all risottos and is may served with meats cooked M a red or wine sauce like Osso Buco. Try our other authentic risottos and buon appetito!