Acai Roots Sorbet, Premium, Dragon Fruit

Premium dragon fruit sorbet. 4 g fiber per serving. 120 calories per serving. 26 g carbs per serving. Gluten, soy & dairy free. 100% vegan. More than a superfood, a lifestyle. A California corporation. Dragon Fruit - Nature's Flavor Masterpiece: Famous for its beautiful, vibrant pink color, our all-natural Dragon Fruit Sorbet is a treat for your eyes and tastebud! Dragon fruit, also known as Pitaya, was prized as a staple in ancient South American diets before being found by European explorers and transported around the world. The dragon fruit flavor is described as a cross between berry, kiwi and watermelon. Some Important Properties of the Dragon Fruit: antioxidants; omegas; potassium; iron; dietary fiber. All-Natural Sorbet that's Made in the USA: Our Dragon Fruit sorbet is crafted in the US by top food engineers. Dragon Fruit is low in calories and contains iron, fiber and potassium. Taste it once and you'll be enchanted. Acai Roots is a San Diego, California, based corporation founded in 2005. Our goal is to deliver the great taste of Pitaya while maintaning its unique properties and never sacrificing quality! Facebook. Instagram (hashtag)ourmissionisyourhealth. Visit to learn about our other fine products. 1-866-401-Acai (2224). Made in USA.