34? Crisps Cracked Pepper

34 Degrees Cracked Pepper Crisps. Pair them & share them. 50 calories per 9 crisps. Get inspired. Our cracked pepper crisps have a little bit of a kick to enliven your selection of pairings. They enhance deli favorites such as Brie, salami and roasted turkey. These crisps add boldness to just about any snack or appetizer. Try this recipe: Crisps. Smoked gouda. Roasted turkey. Spinach. Honey mustard. For more inspiring recipes, visit 34-degrees.com. Why 34 Degrees Our story of discovery and inspiration is inside. We support causes that fight hunger. 34-degrees.com. FSC®, mix board. Paperboard packaging - recyclable*. Carton made with wind energy. Pair them & share them.